content management system (CMS)

a platform for better situational awareness

Mapadillo CMS

content management

a platform for better situational awareness

Mapadillo CMS helps you solve these challenges

Management Systems

Affordable cloud based record keeping, visualisation and traceability.
SHEQ and Information Assurance.


Deliver web based interactive training material: text, annotated diagrams, videos and cross references.

Fire Escape Planning

Easily create safety signs for fire escape routes, using standard icons that conform to the HSE Regulations.  Create, print and share.

Who is Mapadillo CMS for?

Mapadillo CMS is for you, if your job requires you:

  • To know where things are, and when
  • To manage a space
  • To operate in a space
  • To think spacially
  • To have good situational awareness

and most importantly, if you need to work with others.

Mapadillo CMS can be used in almost any situation, for commercial, non-profit, government or personal projects.

Connect with the Mapadillo team to find out how our tools work for your industry.

Forget the spreadsheets, sticky notes, email, and expensive software for managing your projects, and use Mapadillo CMS.  You can add as many projects, plans and people as you want.

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