Escape Routes


Annotate your drawings

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Annotate your drawings

It's easy to add icons to your drawings in Mapadillo

 Mark evacuation routes and safety equipment on your site plan

 Use HSE compliant icons or your own icons

 Available on mobile, tablet or desktop, or print and display at your premises

 Link to planned maintenance and inspection schedules

 Integrate with Training and Management Systems

Create fire escape route plans

Use your site plan and HSE compliant icons to create fire escape and emergency evacuation route plans.

Add icons for fire alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and emergency exits.

Easy to use and easy to share.  Available through your browser.

Keep your plans up to date.  Print for display at your premises.

Manage assets

Plan installation and maintenance

Link your annotated plans to installation and maintenance schedules.

Link your safety and security equipment to policy and procedures.  Record training and compliance details.

Annotated Site Plan

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