Product Features

Better situational awareness with Mapadillo

What is Mapadillo CMS?

A new way to manage your data on your maps and site plans.

A map-based online tool that stores your maps and site plans in the cloud, so everyone is instantly up to date.

Mapadillo manages the security, collaboration and sharing, so you can get on with your job.

Your plans are where they belong: on a site plan and in a calendar, not on a spreadsheet.  Easy to share, no more multiple copies.

What is Mapadillo
Visualise your plans on maps

Why use Mapadillo?

Better overview means you make better decisions

The military call this situational awareness, and we find it a powerful way to understand what is going on.  Review any situation on public maps, your own site plans, across all your calendars or by searching your Mapadillo database.  Use our filters to remove clutter and concentrate on the issue.

Avoid duplication

Can you see where an asset has been booked?  Can you check for overlapping bookings?  You can with Mapadillo.

Affordable cloud-based collaboration

As a cloud-based application, all your collaborators are always up to date.  Choose what you share with them, choose how you share it.

Why not put away your desktop applications and email, and sign up your team to run your projects on Mapadillo.

Open Street Maps


Mapadillo maps


Mapadillo calendar


Mapadillo maps

View your data on a site map, on a public map, on a calendar, or in the list view.

Use your own site plans

You can upload site plans in a variety of formats: we currently support PNG, JPEG and GIF files.  PNG are preferred because they are compatible with the widest range of browsers.

Don't have a site plan?  Not a problem.  Contact us for help with setting up the right site plans to meet your needs.

You can also use JPEG and PDF files from your scanner.  If you have a PDF file, you can convert it to PNG format with a tool like Acrobat Pro or an online conversion tool, such as the one available at  See for other ways of converting PDF files to PNG format.  If you have another image format, such as TIFF, you can convert it to PNG format using similar online tools or with photo editing software.

Mapadillo has geographical maps ready to use

We provide you with OpenStreetMap ( as standard.  OpenStreetMap has extensive map coverage all over the world, from street level to regions and countries. 

We support other map providers, including Google Maps Javascript API (  Please contact us to enable your license.

A Mapadillo Item is any document, calendar appointment or location stored on Mapadillo.

You can link Items to achieve traceability, and manage the impact of changes.

Items are stored in Vaults, the fundamental container for all user data in Mapadillo.

Sharing and collaboration is arranged by Vault.

Each Vault is colour-coded to make its Items easy to pick out.

You can grant access to your Vaults to other Mapadillo users.  Your data is only shared with the colleagues, contractors or clients that you choose, by controlling access to each Vault.

You can check any Item to see exactly who can access that piece of data.

For convenience when sharing, you can create groups of users. You can then give a group access to a Vault.

Start your day by checking your Mapadillo Dashboard and you will always be up to date with the state of your health and safety compliance, project status information, training, risk assessments, routine testing, policies, or anything else.

Mapadillo's Dashboard gives you an overview of health and safety compliance, or any project status information.  Track activities like training, risk assessments, routine testing, policies, or anything else.

Mapadillo's Tasks help you to plan and track day to day activities such as organising repairs or booking inspections.

You can see what needs doing next and nothing is missed.

You can attach files to a Mapadillo Item.  Attached files might be photos, PDFs, existing documents or templates.  Attached files are visible to anyone who has been given access to that Item.

You can use Mapadillo's reminders for policy review due dates, or for day-to-day meetings.

Reminders can be sent as internal notifications and as emails.

Many organisations and business processes depend on regular, scheduled events that trigger action.

The calendar supports repeating events and appointments. Combined with reminders, this becomes a powerful tool for automating your processes and supporting the people who are involved.

Use Mapadillo from your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Mapadillo runs in any supported browser, including Internet Explorer 9+, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Public Cloud

Mapadillo is a hosted web application available in the cloud.  Sign up today

Private Cloud

For private cloud scenarios, install Mapadillo as a web application on your own server or virtual machine.

Platform As A Service (PAAS)

Build your own platform on the Mapadillo stack.  Exploit our collaboration and security APIs, lease storage capacity and services, leverage our map-based collaboration user interface components, to get your application coded, tested and deployed more quickly.


Take advantage of our reusable map and site plan components, layer filters, time filters.  Plug them in to your web site: we manage browser compatibility issues and inter-operability with third party components for you.  Spend less on software development and configuration management.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.