Management Systems (SHEQ)

Management Systems (SHEQ)

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Mapadillo provides the building blocks for your Management Systems

 Ready access to procedures

 Traceability helps you assess impact and manage change

 Dashboard overview for better situational awareness

 Improved access to information across your business


Safety, Health, Environment, Quality.
Use Mapadillo CMS when a systematic approach to record keeping is essential.

Your data on any diagram

With all your equipment marked on your map, finding an asset is easy.  Look up related information - risk assessments, training records - quickly and easily.

Plan ahead

Zoom in on a date and see what's planned... and where.

Manage assets

Check compliance at a glance

You need to know that you're complying with Health and Safety law and that you’re up to date. The Dashboard shows you everything that you need to track, helping to make audit preparation very straightforward.

Tasks help you manage associated actions.

Track training, risk assessments, routine testing, policies, or anything else that needs to to be up to date.

Check compliance

Store, view and manage all your Management System data

Mapadillo provides one central system to store, view, integrate and manage data relating to equipment, premises, people, policies, procedures and machinery.

It combines data, task management, collaboration tools and security in a single solution which ensures a complete view of all your health, safety, security, environmental and quality systems.

Everything is securely stored in one integrated system accessed from your web browser.

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 On Site

Save time by updating records directly.
Add photos and notes to the site plan while you're on the move.

 Link equipment to legislation

Create links between any of your equipment, staff training records, risk assessments, Health and Safety legislation and Tasks.

 Share, securely

You decide what information to share with your advisers, colleagues, contractors and clients.

 Stay up to date

Mapadillo reminders ensure you know when testing and training are due.
Set reminders for policy and risk assessments updates.

 Data bundle

Mapadillo can be shipped with a bundle of Health and Safety data to get you started.

 Further information

Check out the Mapadillo feature list for further details.

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