Our Story


We have long been interested in how information technology (IT) can help with post-conflict reconstruction.

The original idea for Mapadillo came from some chance meetings with aid workers and their collaborators in various defence and civilian agencies back in 2005.  Around then, the Information Technology and Crisis Management project chaired by Martti Ahtisaari, the Object Management Group and the US Institute of Peace organised a series of events to study the use of IT in crisis management and response, and how information technology could better support the requirements of crisis management and response.  We went along.

We met many of the people involved, all looking for ways to share information securely, often with many different partners.  Much of the data described activities taking place over unfamiliar territory.

We imagined a system that brought together familiar tools: maps, calendars and databases, and let us organise different projects so that we could work on them in isolation but also check on how they interacted.

A Story We Never Forgot

Mine clearing photo

Photo by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia, via Wikimedia Commons.

A humanitarian aid team could be trying to clear an area of land mines to allow civilians to return their land to normal use, perhaps for farming.

There may be any number of sources of information about the location of the land mines, but these sources are scattered, not generally available, and held by parties who are unaware of the value of this information to the clearing teams.  The lack of information could put the clearing team at high risk of injury or death.

We met someone who had this experience as a volunteer for a non-government organisation.  It inspired us to build the content management system we now call Mapadillo.

Mapadillo CMS can be used in almost any situation, for commercial, government or personal projects, at almost any scale including major events or civil emergencies.

Company Information

Mapadillo Limited is registered as a limited company in England and Wales.

Company number: 8162708