visual training resources

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visual training resources

Mapadillo provides the building blocks for your Training Systems

 Streamline your training in one affordable system

 Annotate diagrams, process charts and plans

 Link to training records and procedures - manage compliance

 Create and store training resources in the cloud

 Share training material on a mobile, tablet or desktop

Create training resources

Your audiences consume training material in many ways, on a range of devices - mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, digital signs, training courses.

You can annotate diagrams, drawings, maps and plans with icons and link to training material like manuals and videos.  Provide your audience with material that is comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Link your training resources to equipment, premises, people and policies.  For more on developing consistent and high quality training see our Management Systems solutions.

Create annotated flowcharts

Store and share training resources

Match your training material to the needs of your audience.  Mapadillo becomes your central resource for a variety of media.

Manage training records and set renewal reminders so everyone stays up to date.

Everything is securely stored in one integrated system and accessed from your web browser.

Technology enhanced training improves employee engagement and skills excellence

Annotate diagrams

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